Custom Handmade Art

Crafts, Creatures and Features

100% Unique

From My Home to Yours

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Custom Creatures and features

Are you looking for a unique and charming way to promote your business?

With my custom animations you can make your business stand out and engage with customers in a personal and unforgetable way. All of my animations are 100% handmade, unique and bound to inflict a smile. Perfect for all social media platforms.

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Custom Crafts

Anything your heart desires.

No request is too big or bizarre. I’ve created all kinds of trinkets and treasures: masks, sculptures, toys, a wooden carousel, just to name a few.

Perhaps your looking for an extra special gift for someone well.. special, but don’t know what to get them? No worries! I can help you create something meaningful and 100% personalized to them. Something they’ll cherish forever.

They’ll owe you big time.


Custom paintings and illustrations

The missing puzzle piece for your home,

A sentimental gift,

Endearing illustrations for your children’s book,

Or maybe you’re just curious what Steve Buscemi would look like riding a moose into the sunset,

Together, we can bring your vision to life.